Studio A

The centerpiece of our studio! Equipped with the best audio equipment from the digital and analog world, no recording wishes are left unfulfilled here.

Together with the recording room, which is connected to the control room and the studio lounge through two large windows, recordings at the highest level can be realized here. The control room is also linked to the studio lounge and Studio B, allowing up to 32 tracks to be recorded simultaneously throughout the studio.

Whether it’s large bands, solo artists, amateur or professional musicians, Studio A is designed to meet all musical demands.

If you want to take your music to the next level, Studio A is the perfect place for you.

Upon request, the control room can also be booked solely as a mixing and mastering studio.

We look forward to having you!


The studio equipment listed is an integral part of the studio and is at your free disposal. In addition, you have access to our huge selection of legendary high-end microphones and amps.

Console: Soundcraft DC 2000 32-Channel-Moving Fader

Speaker: Neumann KH310, ME Geithain RL 906

Audio Interface: RME MADIface USB, Lucid Technology 88192

Monitor Controller: Dangerous Music Source D/A Converter

Preamps: Neve 1073 LB, Telefunken V781ay, Sound Skulptor 573 LB. Sound Skulptor 512n LB, Sound Skulptor 566 LB, Focusrite ISA 828, RME Octamic, Lorenz V241 (ÜV300), RFT MV 810, Focusrite ISA One, Mindprint DTC

Channelstrips: Avalon vt 737 sp, TL Audio 5051, Warm Audio WA73-EQ

Processor: SSL Fusion

Compressors/limiters: Empirical Labs Distressor EL8x, dbx 165 A, dbx 160 XT, Valley People Dynamite Lexicon MPX1, UREI 1176LN, Summit Audio DCL-200, UREI 1178, Klark Teknik KT-76, Klark Teknik KT-2A, Elysia Xpressor Qube

EQs: BTL-Audio 5013

FXs: MXR Analog Delay, Roland Space Echo RE 150

Tape machine: Telefunken M15


Do you have any questions? Feel free to write to us and we will get back to you quickly.